Anchor Science’s Motto

Thermal Solutions
Through Materials Technology.

Our Offering:

Anchor Science is developing its proprietary, Dynamic Thermal Interface material, D-TIM, into thermalproducts and solutions. Anchor Science’s core capability is development of new materials drawing on properties of carbon allotropes. Anchor’s D-TIM addresses overheating, which is a major contributing factor to failure of semiconductor products and more specifically to the failure of electronic parts.

The prototypical D-TIM exhibits large and reversible increase of effective heat transfer coefficient with temperature. This new property for thermal interface materials opens options for dynamic regulation of heat transport. Anchor will create high value solutions for many industries ranging from electronics, energy, and communications, to transportation and life sciences.

Opportunities for significant efficiency gains and cost reductions range from simple replacement of traditional thermal greases and phase change materials during product updates to development of advanced dynamic thermalsoftware leveraging D-TIM variable heat transport functionality. Anchor Science is looking for partners for this development.

Anchor Science History

  • 2008 – 2011: Anchor Science was selected as a “Company to watch” by the Connecticut Technology Council in the most promissing new technology category.
  • 2007: Foresight Science and Technology gives “GO” evaluation to our temperature sensing carbon composites.
  • 2005 Technical Breakthrough: Demonstrate Ohmic behavior of an ink-jet printed carbon nanocomposite at the European Coatings Conference “The Power of Ink-jet Materials III”, December 1 -2, 2005, Berlin, Germany.
  • 2005: Anchor Science was founded by Ewa S. Kirkor, Alexander Scheeline, and April Schricker.

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